Panhandling-Not Just For The Homeless Anymore

What happened to the days when youth athletic teams actively looked for sponsors for their leagues? Years ago teams, groups, & organizations actually prepared fundraising strategies to develop finances for their cause. Here in Chicago,(maybe in your city too) beware of the red light, for at every major intersection, in almost every residential community, awaits youth of all ages, waiting to beg from you! Gone are the days when organizations and teams put thought and effort into raising funds. Events such as candy & taffy apple sales or car washes that paid for equipment, trips and uniforms are things of the past. All you need now is a plastic McDonald’s cup and a cause to hit the streets and beg for it.
Pathetic and hilarious at the same time, youth in tattered sports apparel, teenage dance troupes & the usual homeless people compete for the right to ask you for money.,Coaches & instructors are sacrificing the self respect & dignity of our youth by permitting them to beg in the streets, Formerly practiced by derelicts and social outcasts, panhandling has been deemed acceptable and profitable. Parents, instructors, or coaches that should be instilling values such as self respect and integrity within these children are behind the scenes “pimping” them and robbing them of their dignity by permitting these activities to take place.

Enough is enough. Mentors, teachers, leaders of these clubs, teams or organizations please take these kids off of these streets and utilize better fundraising techniques. There are other ways to procure capital, fundamental methods that have been proven lucrative, time and time again. The act of putting children in the street to beg does nothing but enhance the stereotypical perception of our people. How can you be respected as an authority figure in the lives of these children when they are constantly exposed to the dangers of the streets . One thing that is certain, if we don’t take our kids from the streets, the streets will surely take our kids from us.

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