Has Our Christian Society Become a Bunch of Atheists in Denial?

If someone were to ask that question of an individual one would probably respond with a “less than Christian,” reply, which is exactly point that I am making!
Let’s take a look at our current state of being. The average individual would be quick to claim their love for God and Jesus Christ. However, let’s take a look at our actions on a whole, regardless of what is said from our mouths, what kind of picture do we paint? Do we live our lives in such a manner that if a person that does not know us from Adam, secretly observed us for a day, could they, based solely on our actions and unmonitored conversations at the end of the day, know that we are Christians.
Have we as a society begun to settle and compromise; allowing events to happen and consenting to ways of life that we know full well are wrong?  I am afraid that we have become a people that have placed the strongholds of integrity on the back seat and have fallen for the facade of immediate gratification. Have we forgotten that we have a moral obligation to or children, our parents and ourselves to live life in the fashion that is conducive to entry into the Kingdom of Heaven? We have become so accustomed to relying on the forgiveness of The Father that we no longer take responsibility for our own lives and actions.
No, everything from my mouth is a Bible verse, and if asked about my religious beliefs I would, without hesitation, claim Christianity. Therefore my day to day behavior is the first that needs examination and modification. The fact of the matter is that I have made certain observations concerning myself and the world within I live. During conversations we curse like sailors. We cut corners and virtually demolish established moral teachings and beliefs all in an effort to make a buck. We flock to see and be entertained by performers that go directly against the teachings of the Bible. Only during our bleakest moments and when all earthly solutions have been exhausted do we call upon The Father in the name of Jesus.
We have to remember, that if we are truly Christians, that there indeed is a Heaven and a Hell. The unending mercy of Our Father is not to be used as an out so that we may engage into every sinful act under the sun, fall upon our knees to ask forgiveness; then turn around and commit the same act again. Above all, we must remember that we are created in the likeness of our Father and have an obligation to carry ourselves as children of the light. We do this so that those that remain in darkness can see the immortal gladness of the believer and chose to come over and bask in the beauty emanated by God the Father Almighty. If we continue with our current form of behavior, what good does it do to claim God? Nonbelievers will quickly comment on the lack of distinction between the actions of the believer and non-believer alike.
And in the end, when the time for judgment has come; if man can’t make the distinction based on our actions, I’m sure Our Lord won’t make the distinction; as a result of our actions.

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