A Murderer’s Request

While receiving my “hands on training,” in criminology in Cook County Department of Corrections, (CCDOC) and Illinois Department of Corrections, (IDOC) I had a “hustle.” A hustle is defined as an unlicensed business entity that generates an income. I would utilize my writing ability to assist other inmates by writing on their behalf to judges requesting leniency in sentencing, receive probation, beg for mercy, etc. Other inmates would purchase my writing services to write girlfriends, wives and others in the outside world for various reasons. The success of my little business gave me the confidence to continue my writing when I was released.

Wright & Peoples at their arrest

One of my previous posts entitled Chicago’s Uncommon Serial Killers; cover the murders of four Chicagoans and the subsequent arrests and convictions of Angel Ford-Wright & Caroline Peoples. Angel and her mother are close friends with my in-laws and during their trial Angel’s mother was my landlord for a while. My wife, being the sweetheart that she is, often brags about my writing ability. One day in 2010 I received a 4 page letter from Angel Ford-Wright requesting my assistance in writing the judge concerning her case and appeal. Her mother even made the offer very enticing by offering much needed finances.

Anyhow, I pondered on what exactly would I write, as well as what Angel was attempting to achieve through such correspondence. At that moment I began to think of the victims. Who could write something on their behalf? No matter how talented I am, there is nothing that I could write to bring them back. Nothing anyone could do could possibly make their families whole again. I abhor & detest murders and murderers. There is not one viable reason, (less self-defense) that one would have for taking the life of another. If I were a family member, friend, or loved one of a victim, I would want pure unadulterated justice. Who am I to even attempt to sway the court and its decision of appropriate punishment? After deep deliberation, I had to decline in assisting Angel.

Integrity is the foundation of a man’s moral capacity. Without integrity, a man, even one professing to be a good one; is only a hypocrite with great intentions. Integrity enables an individual to stand up for his beliefs. My integrity would not allow me to write any correspondence on Angel’s behalf; the load placed on her victims could never be lightened, why should hers be? These women murdered innocent men in the most cowardly fashion possible, a shot to the back of the head.

Am I perfect? No, not even close! Have I broken the law? Yes, countless numbers of times (I even ran a stop sign just this morning). I have done my time for my infractions against the law. During these periods I have seen murderers that express remorse for their victims; more often, I have seen murderers express no remorse and a willingness to commit more heinous violations of the law. I am thankful that during my criminal stage no victims were ever hurt or killed. I am even more thankful for the common sense not to have placed myself in such a situation.

UPDATE: I ran into her mother two days ago…….we still did not speak; c’est la vie.

Angel Ford Wright Today Courtesy IDOC
Angel Ford Wright Today Courtesy IDOC

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