The Life and Death of Christopher Lee McCuin; The Tyler, Texas Cannibal

As I maintain my constant search for acts of extreme depravity I happened to run across a story from 2008. As I read through the story I thought to myself, “This can’t be real.” Sadly however, as I read the same story from different sources, I came to the conclusion that this story is not only real but one of the most disturbing that I had run across in a while.

Tyler, Texas is approximately 100 miles southeast of Dallas. In January of 2008 Tyler was home to 25 year old Christopher Lee McCuin and the strange events that follow. On Friday, January 4th McCuin took his girlfriend, 21-year-old Jana Shearer by force from her Whitehouse, Texas home. McCuin then murdered Jana at his home later that night. McCuin then drove to his estranged wife’s home, where he stabbed his wife’s boyfriend, William Veasley, 42. Though officers arrived at the home

Christopher McCuin
Christopher McCuin

expeditiously, McCuin managed to escape after a short chase.

Saturday morning McCuin arrived at the home he shared with his mother. Excitedly he exclaimed to his mother that he had something she needed to see out in the garage. To her unexpected horror, McCuin’s mother and her boyfriend stepped into the garage to see the mutilated corpse of Jana Shearer. The mother and boyfriend hurriedly fled the garage area in hopes of flagging down a police officer. Ironically, it was McCuin that called 911 on himself. He reported to the dispatcher he had killed Shearer and was boiling her body parts.

Officers arrived to find McCuin barricaded in the home. After a short stand-off McCuin surrendered and was taken into custody without incident. After his apprehension a tactical team entered and found Shearer’s body. During their search of the property officers were shocked to find an ear

Jana Shearer
Jana Shearer

boiling in a pot of water on the kitchen stove. Officers also found a hunk of human flesh on a plate with a fork stuck into it.

Although it is unclear whether McCuin actually ate any of his victim; authorities believe that, according to his 911 call, he may have tried to eat some of Ms. Shearer’s body parts.

Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, was arraigned Monday, January 7th, 2008 on a capital murder charge and was given a 2 million dollar bond. McCuin’s past charges include driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. When he was arrested, McCuin had an outstanding felony retaliation warrant. Authorities cite that McCuin had a history of violence, pointing out past instances of assaulting his estranged wife, his girlfriend and his sister. Officials are unsure of the cause of McCuin’s rampage.

I read further, thinking to myself about how we feel as a society feel about cannibalism. I tried to understand what could have set him off in this fashion. Surely there had to be warning signs concerning this young man’s instability. Still deep in thought about this young man, I came across a new headline concerning this tragedy.  “Christopher McCuin accused of mutilating and killing girlfriend Jana Shearer dies.”

It seems that after being held in Smith County Jail for almost a full year, Christopher Lee McCuin died in his cell. McCuin was pronounced dead at the East Texas Medical Center.  Authorities report that they do not believe McCuin’s death was suspicious and that foul play wasn’t suspected noting he was in a jail cell by himself.

How does an otherwise physically healthy individual just up and die? As an outsider looking in I can only imagine about what went on in that jail. A Black man accused of murdering, mutilating and cannibalizing a white woman in Texas; I truly doubt that a thorough investigation was made into this. Although I’m sure the young lady’s family would have wanted to see justice served, maybe they can rest a little easier knowing that he won’t be around to hurt anyone else. Rest in peace Jana Shearer and may God’s blessings ease the pain of all affected by this tragedy.




7 thoughts on “The Life and Death of Christopher Lee McCuin; The Tyler, Texas Cannibal

  1. As Janas mom thank you for not calling my daughter a where as dramapedia did.
    Jana had just graduated from a pharmacy clerk program and was trying to make a life for herself. She broke up with McCuin ten days prior to the murder. She had remained friends with former boyfriends, which caused her to make a life decision, trying to be nice to this x boyfriend. He was trying to get back with her and her great since of caring caused her to be caught off by a physcotic ass. She was not a whore as encyclopedrama said. She was a nice easy going person full of love. I know I’m her mother! I also have a copy of the grand jury testimony all given by his fam
    and friends and they convicted him, his family and friends…we sat all day to give testimony to grand jury and at the end of that day not one of us did, why you ask, we didn’t need to all was told by his side.

    1. Hi Stephanie; Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is not my place to cast judgment on anyone. If you have ever read the, “Who is Reignmaker” page by background can be called shotty at best. Furthermore your family has gone through enough pain then for me, as a journalist; to add insult to injury with opinionated insensitive comments.

  2. Thank you for your blessings, its been 7&1/2 years and as her mom I still have unanswered questions. My one question that bothers me the most Smith county won’t let me see the drug screen done at arrest. Grand Jury testimony says he was on a 10 day meth binge, Jana told me he was doing a drug that was changing his personality, thats why she broke up with him 10 days before he kidnapped her. She was a light in our family and we still have trouble with her death. He told his friend he had been shooting up meth with an hour before he showed up at our apt that if he couldnt find any meth he was going to get some wet. So my question had always been was it the meth or wet that pushed him over the edge. His family was afraid of him, why not tell us he was crazy?? A mother who will never know where or what time she was murdered..

  3. I’m Janas mother, chris was on a ten day meth binge. He was shooting up this. He was also drinking alcohol that night. The felony retaliation was because his wife had went out with him on the 29 of Dec and he beat her unconscious. After taking her unconscious to his moms house he put her in the tub to wake her. She told police she woke up to him and his sister redressing her. She later jan 4th went to the hospital and that is when the hospital called the police and the felony retaliation charges where filled. Later that evening at 7 he called her and found out. My baby girl had broken up with him ten days before but he wouldn’t leave her alone was still coming by almost every day. On that day when he got paid they had taken all but 50 dollars to pay back child support. Which of these reasons could be why but we will never know. RIP Jana 21 forever and always in our hearts. Mommy

    1. Momma why didn’t you tell me any of this? I’m sitting here reading this dumbfounded because I wasn’t told any of this and still blame myself to this day that my best friend ended up on the wrong end of life and death. Being i was 7 months pregnant or not I could’ve gotten up when I heard the horn honk or I should’ve went with them to eat and we could’ve just left him there. All options of how I could’ve saves her life runs through my head. But now I’m reading all this info and feel stupid.

  4. Hi
    I was Jana’s best friend and was the last to see her alive and the first one that chris decided he wanted to tell. Just curious where you got some of your info from?

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