5 Murders Linked to the Paranormal


There are murders that go unsolved. Creepy crime scenes and sketchy evidence make these cases a nightmare for the detective assigned. The fact of the matter is that some cases of murder; despite the confidence of the investigating authority are, for the lack of a better term;  unsolvable. Why you ask?  The fact of the matter is that these murders contain evidence that point directly to situations that no officer of the law is trained to investigate, and most refuse to admit that they believe in. These are elements in the paranormal and the supernatural.
The technological advances we, as a society, have made within the last century enable us with the ability to speak with someone on the other side of the world face to face. However, we still can’t find out who committed the Black Dalia murder. The reason for this is simple. Some things are not made to be solved by normal or natural means. The next 5 cases are unsolved and linked to circumstances beyond our understanding.

The Jamison Family

On October 8, 2009, the Jamison family of Eufaula, Oklahoma mysteriously disappeared. Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilynn, and daughter Madyson are shown on CCTV packing their automobile in a trans like state.

A few days later the Jamison’s vehicle was located. The family was not found, however, what was found was the Jamisons’ IDs, wallets, mobile phones, a GPS system, and about $32,000 in cash as well as their dog which was malnourished but still alive, all within in their truck. The Jamison’s had driven to the area to see 40 acres of property on which they were considering moving to.
On November 16, 2013; less than three miles away from where the Jamison’s truck was found, two hunters discovered the skeletal remains of two adults and one child. On July 3, 2014,

Jamison Familyanthropological and forensic pathological testing identified the remains as the missing Jamison family.

Rumors ranging from group suicide to the Jamison’s involvement in drugs or witchcraft were given by those that knew the family. Sherilynn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, believes that the family was killed by members of a violent cult. Their pastor told authorities that on separate occasions that Sherilynn confided in him that she had seen spirits inside their home. Due to the decomposed state of the bodies when they were found a cause of death was not determined. Up to the publication of this post neither a suspect nor person of interest has ever been named.

Christopher Case

Christopher Case
Christopher Case

Christopher Case was a music executive from Richmond, VA and living in Seattle. In April of 1991, a friend, concerned for his safety contacted local authorities to do a wellness check on Christopher’s home. Responding officers burst into Case’s apartment and found him fully clothed, in a kneeling position, dead in an empty bathtub. There were no signs of foul play or a break-in. The coroner determined it was likely caused by acute myocarditis meaning that his heart just randomly stopped.

On or about April, 11th, Case traveled to San Francisco on business. During this time he met a woman that shared an interest in a particular type of music. The two met for dinner and had a lovely time.  The unnamed woman, 20 years his senior, wanted their relationship to go further than being mere friends, however, Christopher had no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with the woman and expressed his feelings to her in no uncertain terms.

The woman, embarrassed by the rejection, informed Case that she was a witch and had placed a curse upon him. She went on to say that he would be sorry and most likely be dead within a week. Undaunted by the babblings of the woman, Case headed back to Seattle. Initially, Case went about his day to day life. It was April, 14th when paranoia seemed to set in. He told friends about the witch he’d met in San Francisco had been attacking him all night and cutting him. He said he’d woke up with little cuts on the ends of his fingers. Case confided in friends that he heard voices and saw shadows moving out of the corners of his eyes. The level of sincerity he displayed when speaking to friends indicated to them that he truly believed he would be dead by the end of the week.
On April 14, Case visited Evangelical Inc. There he inquired about ways to remove a curse and combat the paranormal. The store owner obliged Case and assisted him to the best of his ability. On the 16th Christopher returned to the store. He told the owner that he was afraid and that the witch had been attacking him all night and cutting him. He said he’d woke up with little cuts on the ends of his fingers and streaks of blood in his bed sheets.
On April 17th, Case left messages on the answering machines of friends. No longer rattled or spooked, Case now spoke like a man that had accepted his fate. He sounded calm and somber as he all but said goodbye to friends and acquaintances. On April 18th, 1991 Christopher Case was dead. The coroner cited Myocarditis as the reason for his death.

The Curse of Carl Pruitt’s Grave

Carl Pruitt
Carl Pruitt

Okay, Carl Pruitt’s death has nothing to do with the paranormal or supernatural. Actually, men and women have died this way since the beginning of time. It is what happens afterward that is where the paranormal kicks in.

In 1938, Carl Pruitt of Pulaski County, KY, came home from work to find his wife in bed with another man. The enraged Pruitt grabbed his wife as the man made his escape from the home. In his raged Pruitt strangled his wife with a nearby chain. The grieving Pruitt then grabbed his revolver, placed it into his mouth and cocked it, then pulled the trigger. Filled with grief and hatred, the family of the wife demanded that Carl’s grave be placed elsewhere from that of his wife. As they wished, the grave of Carl Pruitt was placed into a different cemetery. This is where shit got weird.

Weeks after the funeral a child by the name of James Collins rode his bicycle past the gravestone of Pruitt. Having heard the disgust in which his parents referenced when speaking of Pruitt, he hurled a baseball sized stone at Pruitt’s gravestone, chipping it. He then lost control of the bike. Somehow the chain came loose and wrapped around the child’s neck and killing him. When investigated; the gravestone was intact as if it never happened.

Roughly a week and a half later, James’ mother, still distraught about the loss of herCarl Pruitt Gravestone child; took a sledgehammer to the gravestone, smashing it into pieces. Later that day, while doing laundry, she was found strangled to death with a laundry line. Again, Pruitt’s gravestone was intact.

A farmer passing the cemetery on his horse and buggy sees Pruitt’s gravestone. Wanting to test his aim as well as the validity of the alleged curse, fired his pistol at the Gravestone; taking the top portion clean off. Unfortunately, the shot startles the horses. As they raise up, the chain holding them together comes aloose, wrapping around the farmer’s neck; breaking it quickly. Again when the headstone is next seen; it is intact as if nothing had ever happened.

A pair of cops, assigned to investigate the deaths and alleged curse of Pruit’s headstone. Angered by the assinine assignment; these cops photograph, defile and attempt to destroy the headstone, breaking it into several pieces. After receiving an urgent call they leave but are soon followed by a large ball of light seemingly emanating from Pruitt’s grave. The light causes the officers to lose control of their car. One officer is ejected from the police car resulting in minor injuries. The other officer is not so lucky, however. The chain around the boundaries of the cemetery nearly decapitates the other officer. When other officers arrive at the scene the gravestone is there undamaged.

Finally, Arthur Lewis sets out to prove that there is no curse. Cheered on by his wife and other townspeople, Lewis takes a sledgehammer and crushes the gravestone. Soon the cheers turned into cries of agony as the chain surrounding the cemetery whips around the neck of Lewis and strangle him to death. In the morning the headstone stood undamaged. Carl Pruitt1

Did Carl Pruitt’s reach from beyond the grave to punish naysayers? No one knows for sure, but in 1958 changes came to the town and cemetery. All graves, including that of Carl Pruitt, were moved to undisclosed sites.

The Incident at Dyatlov Pass

The Dyatlov Pass Incident has gone unsolved for almost 60 years. In February of 1959, 9 experienced climbers, students from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, led by Igor Alekseyevich Dyatlov were found dead. All of those found were experienced Grade II-hikers with ski tour experience, and would be receiving Grade III certification; the highest certification available in the Soviet Union upon their return. The purpose of the expedition was to reach Otorten, a mountain 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of the site of where their bodies were found.

The crew of 10 set out on or about January 23rd of 1959. Utilizing various modes of transportation over a period of approximately a week the team arrives at their starting point at the northern Ural Mountains. Yuri Yefimovich Yudin was forced to turn back due to illness.
On February 26th of 1959, the explorers camp was found. The tent had been cut open from inside. Several sets of footprints had been found in the snow. Oddly, the footprints were of people who were wearing only socks, a single shoe or were even barefoot. The bodies of Yuri Alexeyevich Krivonischenko and Yuri Nikolayevich Doroshenko were found at that time. Despite the frigid temperature they were shoeless and dressed only in their underwear. Searchers soon found the corpses of Igor Alekseyevich Dyatlov, Zinaida Alekseevna Kolmogorova, and Rustem Vladimirovich Slobodin. The other four explorers would not be found for another two months.

On May 4, under four meters of snow, the last four explorers were found. A medical examination of the first four bodies determined that hadn’t received any injuries which might have led to their deaths. Investigators eventually concluded that they had all died of hypothermia. However, three of the four ski hikers that were found in May, had fatal injuries. Nikolai Vladimirovich Thibeaux-Brignolles had major skull damage, and both Lyudmila Alexandrovna Dubinina and Semyon Alekseevich Zolotaryov had major chest fractures as well as missing eyes and eyelids. Extensive external injuries were found on Dubinina, who was missing her tongue which was said to have been ripped out from the base, part of the lips, as well as facial tissue and a fragment of skull bone.

Several theories surround this case, too many to be mentioned in this post. Doctors at that time said that the force required to cause such damage would have been extremely high, comparing it to the force of a car crash. Notably, the bodies had no external wounds related to the bone fractures, as if they had been subjected to a high level of pressure. Several theories have arisen concerning the incident, too many to list here, however,

I have included the facts surrounding the deaths of these hikers:

  • Six of the group members died of hypothermia and three of fatal injuries.
  • There were no indications of other people nearby on Kholat Syakhl apart from the nine travelers.
  • The tent had been ripped open from within.
  • The victims had died 6 to 8 hours after their last meal.
  • Traces from the camp showed that all group members left the campsite of their own accord, on foot.
  • To dispel the theory of an attack by the indigenous Mansi people, Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny stated that the fatal injuries of the three bodies could not have been caused by another human being, “because the force of the blows had been too strong and no soft tissue had been damaged”
  • Released documents contained no information about the condition of the skiers’ internal organs.
  • There were no survivors of the incident.

The Mutilated Man of Sao Paolo (Warning Graphic Photos)

On September 29,  1988. a body was found in the Guarapiranga reservoir, located in Brazil. That in itself is not a shocking find as São Paulo is known as the kidnapping capital of Brazil. Even the initial police report was not extraordinary in nature. The part Mutilated Man Sao Paulo Chartthat is mysterious and shocking is the condition of the body when it was found. The body, found by two boys was severely mutilated; actually, severely mutilated does not accurately describe the condition of the corpse. To date, this murder and the condition of the remains is known as one of the most disturbing deaths of a human being in recorded history.

Doctors at that time were flabbergasted by the condition of the corpse. The autopsy gaveThe Mutilated Man of Sao Paolo 1 an in-depth description of the atrocities that had befallen the victim. The flesh and lips have been excised around the mandibles, the left eye and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied, including the tongue. There had been a removal of extensive tissue along many parts of the face, head, and neck of the victim. There has also been extraction of ocular tissue, eyes, auditive internal and external organs (ears) and entire parts of the head. Similar to the tongue, several other muscles had also been extracted.the removal of the belly button left a hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity indicated the removal of the intestines.

Surgical cuts were precise and had been done with agility and care. The lack of bleeding suggests the use of a laser-like instrumentThe Mutilated Man of Sao Paolo 4 producing acute heat, thus cauterizing almost immediately the edge of the wounds. Internal organs were removed or sucked somehow through two small “cookie cutter” like circular incisions on the chest. The penis was stretched and had no signs of being cut. The testicles were extracted with a precision cut. The anal orifice of the victim was extracted as well as the rectum and other internal parts of the human discharge system alsoThe Mutilated Man of Sao Paolo 5 removed. It is probable that the internal organs of the man could have been removed through this incision. The lack of blood leads doctors to believe that the man was alive during this whole ordeal.

Initially, the man’s identity was withheld, we now however know that his name was Joaquim Sebastião Gonçalves. Gonçalves suffered from Chagas disease and epilepsy and as a result he used to take Gardenal, a strong sedative. The 53-year-old Gonçalves was known to be a heavy drinker and had been missing for three days when he was found. It is said that he went to JardimThe Mutilated Man of Sao Paolo 6 Recanto do Sol, São Paulo, to fish. He took his clothes off, staying only in his shorts, and put his clothes in a bag that he hid amid the bushes. It is said that he passed out from the combination of drugs and alcohol then eaten alive by wild animals.

His death and condition of his body have been the subject of debate for 30 years. Ufologists testify that the condition of this corpse is a carbon copy of the surgery they have seen in so many UFO-related animal mutilation cases. Other theories blame everything from crazed cults to wild animals in an effort to explain the condition of the corpse. Those that have viewed the corpse first hand are astonished at the skill and precision that each wound illustrates.

There you have 5 cases of murder with supernatural or paranormal implications. On the streets, we have a saying, ” believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” Always take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt and always lean on your own common sense. I implore you to research this as well as any of the cases and come to your own conclusions. Whatever you come up with leave a comment. If you know of any weird cases hit me up on comments and let me know about them. Don’t forget to like and if you haven’t yet, subscribe to be notified about future posts. The video for this post will be on YouTube this week so go there and subscribe.