Chicago Isn’t Safe

During the week I was asked about my heading; Chicago Isn’t Safe. First of all let it be known that anyone that knows me, knows that I truly love my city, therefore anything written by me about Chicago that may be considered derogatory is done begrudgingly; however the facts are the facts. The rise in murders and violent crime we have earned the name Chiraq around the country. Is it THAT bad? Well the fact is, I have not seen bullets flying past nor has anyone fallen dead in my immediate vicinity; yet according to the news, people are being murdered at an unheard of rate. Daily, friends of mine prepare for various funerals, wakes and memorials for friends and relatives who have fallen victim to senseless crime.

Murder has been an aspect of city life since the beginning. Fortunately; I, as well as my immediate circle, have been spared any harm or pain caused by the loss of a loved one. It has to exist though; I see the pain, anxiousness and anger on the faces of many of the citizens of this great city who were not as fortunate.

As I look out of my office window I see valets parking expensive cars as women & men, adorned in high fashion apparel walk hastily into the art gallery across the street to attend the latest event; I think to myself, “senseless murders, violent crime in this city, NEVER!” However, recent newspapers headlines paint a totally different picture as they read “Teen Dies After Fight In Clearing” or “Father of Three Killed During Armed Robbery” another says, “Humboldt Park Dad Dies on Friend’s Doorstep After Shooting”

Chicago Isn't Safe
Chicago Isn’t Safe

As I take a drag of my cigarette, I assume a somber mood and wonder if my judgment is clouded due to my affinity for this city. The families & loved ones of these slain victims would definitely not share my point of view. Though I hate to admit it, I know that throughout these tree lined boulevards and avenues that there is a definite undercurrent of evil. The same malevolent spirit that caused H.H. Holmes to bring about the demise of hundreds is still prevalent today. It pains me that, though I’d not been a firsthand witness, I must concede that Chicago Isn’t Safe.

Hell, I didn’t witness slavery either; but I KNOW that it existed.


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