Criminals, Crime & The Criminal Mind

The Reignmaker answers the top ten questions from Quora Inc about crime and our society.

As a society, we wage an ongoing war on crime. Crime in its most sinister form is responsible for the loss of lives. All have shed tears for loved ones that are no longer with us due to crime. Though murder is not the only crime; it is the most heartfelt. Crime in itself is a necessary evil. A major aspect of the economic well being of society is linked directly to the commoission of crime


6 thoughts on “Criminals, Crime & The Criminal Mind

  1. Im the son of the first victim. Linda Sutton was my mom. Son Of Sutton. I read your bio. From catholic schools, to drugs, marriage, father, college degree, etc. But the we have alot of thing in common, same story. But the difference between me n you. And i respect you. I was made into a natraul born @#%?μ¿…the affect n impact those devils did.. but life goes on. Contact me with palms hear our/my story of the. The Son that Rebuke the

  2. My son died from hanging himself in prison. I am glad that you are trying to get reform in the system. As my son said, “who’s idea was it to lock all them up in one place. If you weren’t a criminal going in, you sure were coming out.”

    1. My book is listed right there on my website. The name is The Darker Side of Evil. Simply click on the tab that says The Darker Side of Evil. As far as your son; I am terribly sorry to hear that. America has criminal just us, incarceration & rehabilitation so backwards that it is truly pathetic. The way crime is fought and punishment administered enhances the likelyhood of future crime; and the true crime is the fact that THEY KNOW THIS!!!

      1. I looked at your site right after I asked you that,lol.. I will read more of it later. The prison population is higher here than anywhere else. It needs fixin’.

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