Ghosts of Captivity, A Horror Anthology

The Atrocities of Slavery Are Not Without Consequences; These Are Their Stories.

Hate generates hate; evil breeds evil.

Chattel slavery is the darkest period in American history. However, it was the shoulders of slaves, on which the foundation of our great country was built. Much of today’s wealth comes as a direct result of the hardships endured during this dark period. Wealth wasn’t the only thing that was a direct result of slavery.

Slaves; oppressed and downtrodden, found ways to inspire themselves to carry on; confident of brighter days to come. To survive the hardships of the times, slaves traded stories among themselves. The tales motivated them to be faithful and remain vigilant. The stories also served as prayers of hope in a time of utter uncertainty. The gods of their time heard their cries and promised them that they had not fallen on deaf ears. Their stories became curses and were levied upon the wicked. The perpetrators of this period would not go unpunished, European or African. Yes, African; the institution of slavery was not possible without its traitors. Slaves of courage would promise their owners, that they would one day have their vengeance.

These horrific stories tell the fulfillment of those promises.

I’ve compiled several horror stories based on the era of slavery. I’ve combined the depravity of slavery with the supernatural to bring forth a truly terrifying anthology. Some of the stories take place during that time, others are contemporary stories. The stories aren’t just tales of revenge, they are written so that the reader will take a look at the horrors of slavery, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. They bring African mythos into today’s technology-driven society. All of them are horrific in their unique ways and present a fresh take of the horror genre.