Question.What is an Outdate

Answer.The word, “outdate” is used to describe an incarcerated person’s scheduled day to be released from incarceration.

OUTDATE is an upcoming reality series that highlights 5 ex-offenders as they prepare for then undertake their re-entry into society. The United States has an incarcerated population of over 2.2 million, each year over 650,000 people are released into society. OUTDATE will give the world a first hand view of the obstacles faced by our cast members as they transition back into society.

The series begins with an introduction of each cast member as they endure their final 30 days of incarceration. Viewers will have the opportunity to see each cast member as they go through a type of pre-release mania; days become ridiculously long, emotions are heightened, some become irritable, others find that they have trouble sleeping, all experience high anxiety.Cast members will enlighten the world about the events that landed them in prison and their plans to defy statistics that say that 3 out of 5 will return to prison within 3 years.

Each episode will follow the cast members as they make their transition. People’s curiosity concerning crime and punishment will be a contributing factor to the success of OUTDATE. The viewership will rise steadily as viewers tune in to see just how our cast members deal with various problems that will undoubtedly arise. Each cast member has just been released from prison and know that the cards are stacked against them. Though each of them have just come from similar situations all must figure a way to combat their personal demons that led to their incarceration initially. Just as their personal issues will vary; so will the manner in which each of them go about their transition back into mainstream society. Some cast members will have to deal with addictions, others may have familial issues; still others may have unresolved domestic matters that need to be addressed. Viewers will fall in love with the cast as they watch them attempting to acquire employment, housing and other basic needs that most people simply take for granted.

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