Our Need for the Reclamation of Integrity

Straying away from the normal based issues normally addressed here, I want to ask a question. Has anyone been checking out the news lately? If so, has anyone noticed that integrity & morality has taken a back seat to a multitude of superficial issues such as profits, headlines, political views and general ulterior motives.

Has our current economic conditions given us carte blanche to simply do “whatever” to get & stay ahead. Recently, I’ve read various news reports of increased street crimes, unfortunately that will continue to rise during holiday seasons. As a consultant, I’ve seen a sharp increase in individuals wanting to establish, “unsavory” businesses in order to make ends meet. Not to mention the practice of political smear campaigns currently being used.

To continue to illustrate the complete lack of integrity displayed today, this column would continue indefinitely. Webster’s dictionary defines integrity as: a steadfast adherence to a set of morals. Yet today we see a growing trend of individuals erasing or altering those personal set of morals to obtain superficial goals or favor.

Having been an individual that has previously taken short cuts & paid the price for each of my indiscretions and character flaws, I am overqualified in posting this warning. Please, reestablish ground rules and re-claim integrity. The benefits gained by shortcuts and settling are faux and will diminish quickly. The consequences of a lack of integrity affect generations to come. Therefore, if morals mean nothing to you personally, think of your children & their children. We must teach our children to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Finally, decide for yourself, your level of morality. So called religious leaders cannot be used as a measuring stick in this manner. I have always believed that it is each individual’s job to continually strive for perfection of character. If we indeed correct our personal character flaws, set our moral barriers and utilize integrity in our daily decision making. The effects would be monumental as great number issues would be resolved. Integrity based thinking would create a people with impeccable character, a people with potential beyond boundaries & without measure.