The Darker Side of Evil

The Darker Side of Evil was written to debunk the myth that Black serial killers do not exist. The book not only puts that erroneous assumption to rest but examines the media's unwillingness to report the heinous activities of these predators.

The Darker Side of Evil debunks the myth that all serial killers are White. The book highlights the lives of 10 of the most prolific serial killers in modern American history. The depravity of the despicable acts committed by these individuals beyond comprehension.

The Darker Side of Evil, also examines the media’s role in murderous careers of these men. Until the publication of this book, most of society had no clue of the existence of more than a few Black serial murderers. Society has entrusted the media to disseminate information in a timely and truthful fashion. Having been entrusted with the authority to decide what is and is not news, they have been unwilling to even acknowledge the existence of these predators.  Having found the exploits of these killers “not newsworthy,” they have failed to provide adequate coverage of their crimes.As a result of this lack of coverage, any hope of a speedy capture dissipates. Furthermore potential victims fail to implement safeguard measures for themselves and their families which in turn results in a greater number of lost lives.

The Darker Side of Evil, takes the reader back to the first murderer to be labelled, “Serial Killer,” and the F.B.I. agent that originally coined the phrase. In short, the book reminds the reader that, “Depravity Knows No Color.”






One thought on “The Darker Side of Evil

  1. Good title. I’ve always thought Coral Watts is one of the most terrifying humans I’ve ever looked upon — and that’s without ever seeing him in person. His eyes are like a sharks, with deep, dark pits of coal burning behind them.
    Considering the endless frustrations and hurts I know most black people put up with, especially growing up, I think it surprises people that there aren’t more black serial killers. But without even reading this book, I already know we don’t know more about them because murders of poor black people used to be and still are underreported and underinvestigated.
    I suspect the mutations that make serial killers are present in all races. That suggests they are very old I think there were probably serial killers in prehistoric times, and they’re one reason for legends of monsters and ogres (and werewolves, and vampires).
    There’s an interesting theory that the myths of werewolves and vampires are explainable by real human behavior — possibly the behavior and appearance of people with rabies, and other diseases! Look it up some time : )
    Can’t wait til neurobiology finds out what’s going on in these minds. It’s only a matter of time until we understand, and have the chance to intervene — at least sometimes.

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