Who is Reignmaker1911?

How does one receive a Catholic school education, become a thug, go to being a football star, become homeless, graduate college, become an addict, become a NASD investment banker, become an entrepreneur, appear in blockbuster films, become a convict, become a father, a husband and write a book? Welcome to the life of Reignmaker1911.

I was raised in a home with a mother & father. I can’t give a hard luck, “didn’t know my father” tale. The hardships I’ve incurred throughout my life have been a direct result of choices that I and I alone have made. Ironically, these same choices have molded me and given me the character, drive and sense of purpose that I have today. A Chicago native; my roots stem from rural Georgia and still run deeply there. I was raised with a dual citizenship of sorts. Though I knew and indulged heavily in the fast paced life offered by the big city; I still partook and embraced the solace, peace and tranquility that only southern life can give.

My experiences allow me to inform the uninformed in the subject of crime and the real reasons for crime.  Real reasons, not cookie cutter theories developed by a professor basing his ideologies on what his instructors have taught to him. My expertise in criminology does not come by way of educationally based credentials. My training is much more “hands on” in nature. My education in the criminal mind was attained within the confines of the nation’s largest single site correctional institution as well as other institutions throughout the state of Illinois. My professors were the inmates destined to reside within the walls of these institutions; many for the remainder of their lives. My graduation ceremonies took place within the halls of these institutions with the yell of “free man walking” being heard as I passed through the corridors.

I am an advocate of judicial reform. The current judicial system, especially that in Illinois, continually incarcerates minorities for the most minimal of offenses in an effort to keep jails and prisons full while dodging the responsibility of solving real crimes. The current legislation allows law enforcement to trample the constitutional rights of minorities as well as promote discrimination against ex-offenders. Each of these rivers of injustice pour into the lake of recidivism that drowns our homes, families and communities.

I do not condone or encourage crime in any capacity.  I abhor and detest violence; violence has NO place within civilized society. I also am an advocate of the death penalty, however a complete judicial overhaul must take place before the reestablishment of the death penalty to insure that the guilty, and the guilty alone; receive the penalty that their crime calls for. Other than in clear-cut cases of self-defense, there is no reason for blood to be shed.

Writing is my passion; therefore I am determined to prove to myself & my peers that success can be attained through the creation of quality literature. My goal for my life and legacy is to be the model for character and integrity.  I am honored by your decision to take part in my life through my words & I thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to you. As long as you keep coming, I will continue to write.


6 thoughts on “Who is Reignmaker1911?

  1. Im the son of the first victim. Linda Sutton was my mom. Son Of Sutton. I read your bio. From catholic schools, to drugs, marriage, father, college degree, etc. But the we have alot of thing in common, same story. But the difference between me n you. And i respect you. I was made into a natraul born @#%?μ¿…the affect n impact those devils did.. but life goes on. Contact me with palms open..antonesutton@yahoo.com.. hear our/my story of the. The Son that Rebuke the devils..lol..

  2. My son died from hanging himself in prison. I am glad that you are trying to get reform in the system. As my son said, “who’s idea was it to lock all them up in one place. If you weren’t a criminal going in, you sure were coming out.”

    1. My book is listed right there on my website. The name is The Darker Side of Evil. Simply click on the tab that says The Darker Side of Evil. As far as your son; I am terribly sorry to hear that. America has criminal just us, incarceration & rehabilitation so backwards that it is truly pathetic. The way crime is fought and punishment administered enhances the likelyhood of future crime; and the true crime is the fact that THEY KNOW THIS!!!

      1. I looked at your site right after I asked you that,lol.. I will read more of it later. The prison population is higher here than anywhere else. It needs fixin’.

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